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 The web, social media & podcast project for 11 – 19 year olds living in Haverhill!

Your link to vital local support services to help you stay well, active and connected.

OPEN for your news stories, creative content, ideas & views!

‘Shining a light on the good stuff’ going on in Haverhill.

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HAVE YOU stands for Haverhill Youth – get your voice heard & build your skills

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  • Sustainable Haverhill

    What does it mean to Haverhill's young people? Prompted by a wave of local activity intended to make Haverhill a more environmentally friendly and 'sustainable' place to live, HAVE YOU opened up the conversation to a group of young representatives.. As part of our new podcast project we spoke with; Kirsten Marshall of The Eco News - a publication dedicated to letting people know about the sustainable changes they can make in their lives Saffron Owen - studying a Sustainability MSc at ARU and on placement with Haverhill Town Council, working on Sustainable Haverhill Millie

  • Tyler Brinkworth

    Featuring Tyler Brinkworth, photographer Tyler has been sharing his work with HAVE YOU talent since the very early days of the HAVE YOU web project and has had his work featured in HAVE YOU social media posts and in printed promotional materials.  You can check out Tyler's HAVE YOU Gallery post here to see a selection of his work. Tyler Brinkworth started his photography journey at school in Year 9. He told HAVE YOU that even though he opted to do I.T. he was ‘luckily’ put into a photography class. After just

  • HAVE YOU Lyrical

    Shay D presents a 3 part video series : RAP - lyric writing, ideas & delivery techniques HAVE YOU Lyrical (Part 1): flow, rhyme, counting bars & delivery (PLUS a storytelling challenge!) Shay D’s story telling raps (explicit language): Can't Stand Still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Czj... Chicken Shop Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBumE... Some other examples of story telling raps: Immortal Technique: Dance with the Devil Immortal Technique: You Never Know Cadet: Stereotype Krept & Konan: My Story Dave: Samantha Dave: Black J Cole: Dreams MC Lyte: Its all yours Lost Boyz: Renee Dave East: Keisha Tupac: Brenda Had A Baby

  • Lockdown (3) and Me

    Promoting creativity and wellbeing SEND IN YOUR ARTWORK BEFORE 28 FEBRUARY! Prompted by all the brilliant art pieces received from young people in Haverhill in response to The Lockdown & Me (2020) we have relaunched our lockdown art project: Lockdown (3) and Me. The project has been designed to promote youth wellbeing and encourage children and young people, 11 - 19 years old, to get creative in expressing how they feel about this lockdown - in pictures and in accompanying words. All the work we receive will be shown in our TALENT gallery and put