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 HAVE YOU is for you if you’re 11 – 25 & living in Haverhill!

HAVE YOU will continue to link you to vital support services to help you stay well, active and connected.

HAVE YOU is OPEN for your news stories, creative content, ideas & views!

HAVE YOU will be showcasing your skills and talents & ‘shining a light on the good stuff’ still going on.

To get your work featured upload via talent or visit instagram @haveyoutalent

*** Due to coronavirus: there are many changes to activities, events, places to go

Check out our Lockdown >> THINGS TO DO article for info on how to keep busy in these mostly on-line times.

And know that it is still possible to get your voice heard!

STAY TUNED for some exciting content in the next few weeks!!

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  • Noise Solution online programme logo

    Digital Music Maker

    Our summer online programme! Digital Music Maker was a whirlwind weekly online intensive programme which took a group of 9 young people through some of the most essential digital music making skills. Sessions were led by Noise Solution tutor, musician & songwriter David Brown & supported by Jay Mills (Haverhill South People's Forum / musician) who gave it a resounding '10/10'! The programme started with an introduction to the online software VIP which gave everyone everything they needed to create & produce their own music. The group also had an introduction to the Noise Solution

  • Manga Sundays

    Manga drawings skills, chat & chill! Sundays this summer have been the day for some chilled out drawing since Manga artist Irina Richards began leading us through our online Manga Sundays sessions. It's definitely been a friendly place for budding Manga artists to meet up, with lots of chat going on alongside drawing about all things Manga (... & cats - which could also be Manga?!) It's been so cool to watch everyone's drawing evolve.. Irina has been screen sharing as she draws & illustrated how to draw: Manga faces - from the front and

  • Ready Maker 1.2 : get creating & have some fun!

    A week long online creative coding challenge & some fab playable platformer games! For everyone who took part in Ready Maker 1.2 this summer, “get creating & have some fun!” are the words you would have heard from the Code Zone’s Tom before launching into an intense hour of creative coding challenges! Day by day we were taken through the steps involved in getting our games from one level to the next. We started off with a palette of sprites (a tin can, a tyre & a seagull), a bunch of backgrounds & sounds and

  • Lockdown Creative Call Out : May 2020

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent work in to our HAVE YOU Creative Call Out! We had some brilliant entries & selected digital & hand drawn artwork showing awesome creativity in response to our three lockdown themes: SUPPORT : HAVE YOU got the support you need? THINGS TO DO : HAVE YOU got lockdown things to do? SOCIAL DISTANCING : HAVE YOU kept your distance today? Tyler Brinkworth  – age 17: ‘Isolation Street’ – superbly detailed drawing of an empty street with a ‘STAY AT HOME!’ sign at the end (SOCIAL DISTANCING) Georgia

  • Training, learning & volunteering: Covid-19 update!

    If you're currently out of work & not in education or training - read on!   ON- LINE COURSES West Suffolk College: Online short courses for age 16+ Courses take 4-8 hours to complete. Various topics available including care, mental health, first aid, business, food safety, sexual health awareness and customer service. There are no costs for NEET young people during the present crisis. If interested, contact Elizabeth Ginno, Justine Rice or Madaline Day (details below) and they will help set you up via Liz Creasy at the college. Free Home schooling resources for parents