Shay D presents a 3 part video series : RAP – lyric writing, ideas & delivery techniques

HAVE YOU Lyrical (Part 1): flow, rhyme, counting bars & delivery (PLUS a storytelling challenge!)

Shay D’s story telling raps (explicit language):

Can’t Stand Still:…

Chicken Shop Man:…

Some other examples of story telling raps:

Immortal Technique: Dance with the Devil
Immortal Technique: You Never Know
Cadet: Stereotype
Krept & Konan: My Story
Dave: Samantha
Dave: Black
J Cole: Dreams
MC Lyte: Its all yours
Lost Boyz: Renee
Dave East: Keisha
Tupac: Brenda Had A Baby

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HAVE YOU Lyrical (Part 2): lyric writing, rhymes & techniques
In part 2 Shay D gives you a writing format you can try to help you get your words onto the page. Have a go at writing your lyrics as a letter (to a friend, to someone from the past, to someone you have lost, to your future self, …)

Other artists you can check out who’ve used this idea in their work:

Eminem: Stan
Tupac: Dear Mama
Krept: Letter to Cadet
Cadet: Letter to Krept
21 Savage: Letter 2 My Momma

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HAVE YOU Lyrical (Part 3): Protest raps!
In part 3 Shay D tells us more about the origins of rap music – an artform which has over the years given “a voice to the voiceless”. She explains that lyrics can be used as a way of ‘speaking up’ and standing up for what you believe in…. Maybe standing up for others, for your rights, or for something that you feel is wrong.
Shay D challenges you to think about something you really believe in. Which subject sparks something inside of you?

Shay D’s rap Suffragettes is about equality, consent and respect for women.

Check out some of these other artists who have written powerful protest raps:

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