HAVE YOU checks into the mood amongst young people in the area

HAVE YOU talked to Poppy Brown and Isaac Carter, both Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) for Suffolk, to find out more about their A Happier Suffolk instagram campaign, to get their thoughts on support services for young people and on how they think young people in the area are currently doing.

Isaac told HAVE YOU that A Happier Suffolk was created with the intention of getting mental health on the agenda more often – “not just in schools.” He sees it as part of a wave of talking about mental health and normalising the idea that “it’s OK to not be OK.” He thinks that this culture of awareness will eventually help.

Both Isaac and Poppy agreed that mental health and support services do exist for young people…

Isaac said that the big mental health organisations are well known amongst young people but pointed out that “there are often local groups that can support you  – these are not talked about often enough.”

Poppy told us that young people may not find out about particular services unless they talk to someone (a school nurse, doctor or mental health professional)…

“Talking to someone is a big step – it’s great if you do have the confidence to, but not everyone feels like they can.”

For both Poppy and Isaac it’s important that the information about relevant services gets out there. In Poppy’s words, “what we need to do is build the connection between young people and services.”

Check out A Happier Suffolk’s Service Saturday series on instagram to get more info on what’s on offer.

Isaacs said that he thinks more action is needed in schools: “it would be brilliant to have more nurses and counsellors in schools – on the front line where these issues could be arising.”

During our conversation we talked about some of the struggles & stresses young people are currently facing:

  • Pandemic stress – not being able to see friends daily or face to face for normal chats
  • Social media pressure – people constantly comparing themselves to each other & pressure to attain the perfect body & have the best fashion sense
  • Academic pressure – to achieve and to constantly improve – mainly GCSEs & A Levels
  • Bigger worries – like climate change and uncertainty about the future
Poppy and Isaac’s Top Tips to help you stay well and happy:
  • Take a break
  • Do something you enjoy everyday
  • Go for a walk
  • Don’t get bogged down with stuff
  • Keep talking
  • Stay connected

“Check in on your mental health. Even if you’re just having a bad day, it’s important to talk to someone!” – Poppy Brown (MYP)

“I think it should be more about enjoying what you can do and what your abilities are!” – Isaac Carter (MYP)

This photo & header picture by Tyler Brinkworth: @tylerlee.b_photography

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