A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent work in to our HAVE YOU Creative Call Out!

We had some brilliant entries & selected digital & hand drawn artwork showing awesome creativity in response to our three lockdown themes:

  • SUPPORT : HAVE YOU got the support you need?
  • THINGS TO DO : HAVE YOU got lockdown things to do?
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING : HAVE YOU kept your distance today?
  • Tyler Brinkworth  – age 17: ‘Isolation Street’ – superbly detailed drawing of an empty street with a ‘STAY AT HOME!’ sign at the end (SOCIAL DISTANCING)
  • Georgia – age 14: ‘Someone close always has their light on for you!’ In Georgia’s words – “moths gather around light. You leave a light on for people to talk about and show their wellbeing / mental health”…  A beautiful illustration & powerful words! (SUPPORT) #MHAW
  • Jasmine – age 20: ‘Home Entertainment’ – digital collage of objects found around the house showing many different activities that can easily be done at home. Preventing boredom & keeping busy! (THINGS TO DO – now our new home page featured image!)
  • James – age 17: ‘A typical day in lockdown!’ – a skilful digital collage depicting James performing various activities, such as reading or playing video games (THINGS TO DO).

In case you’re interested and want to try this for yourself, James gave us a detailed descripton of his process:

I created the photo by taking pictures of myself in various poses using a timer on my camera, which was set up on a tripod. I took several photos of myself in each position, as well as a photo of just the background. I then cropped myself out of each photo and added each pose to the background image. I then used the levels tool on each layer to ensure that the lighting remained consitent through each pose, as well as using the clone stamp tool if anything appeared off (such as my legs not lining up properly behind the table).
Jasmine also gave us an insight to her process:
I took a range of images of different objects on my camera. I took the images using natural daylight to make sure they would stand out nicely. I used a white cloth behind them for testing out objects on a white background. I then edited them in Photoshop using layers to overlap them. I erased all the unwanted details using the eraser tool then created the collage. The reason for using white in the backgrounding was because I wanted everything to stand out. I then used the saturation and levels to bring out the colours and details.
Expect more creative opportunities from HAVE YOU very soon. In the meantime please keep sending in your work via our TALENT FORM or @haveyoutalent on instagram & keep sending in your ideas & suggestions via CONTACT US!
Check out the work in our Talent Gallery!