Plans for follow up in 2020!

Following on from the Minor Scale event which took place at Haverhill Arts Centre in September, plans are afoot to put together the next event for 2020.

The event in September was a great success and showcased the musical talents of artists; Iona Griffey, Kinyan, Zac Neill, Jerwin Apiado, Ethan Dobell, Joshua Bryant and Mia Cornelius.

The production was entirely put together by young people passionate about getting a platform for their work.

All proceeds went to charities Reach Community Projects and Lives Not Knives.

Watch this space for news of the next event!

“It will show other people our age that you can have a passion. Hopefully it will inspire others to pursue their talents, instead of moving in the streets and carrying knives”

Kian Reeve, event organiser

Photos credit: Ethan Dobell

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