Finley Sisson gives HAVE YOU an insiders view of the track!

Finley Sisson, age 12 and involved in the birth of the Puddlebrook Pump Track, spoke to HAVE YOU as part of the Haverhill South Local Conversation event at the Leiston Centre in January of this year.

Back in January Finley was looking forward to lighter evenings and more hours on the track for himself & the local community. Today the track, usually open 24/7, is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nevertheless it seems like a good moment to look back on the creation of the track and to imagine what it’s future might bring!

Finley gave us a bit of the history:

“It came about about 5 or 6 years ago as a suggestion from a resident..

About 2 years ago we had a consultation meeting at the Clements Primary Academy in their hall just to finalise ideas and get the community involved and then construction work started on it about 18 months ago”.

Finley got involved in the project when he met Helen Cullop (Haverhill South People’s Forum) on the track’s opening day. Since then Finley has taken an active role in the Forum and been involved in helping with crafts events and other activities.

He explained why he thinks the Pump Track is a good thing:

“It brings the community together, helps people make friends and helps people gain confidence in themselves..

I’ve seen some kids who have started from scratch, where they couldn’t even go on there and now they’re jumping and stuff – it’s really good to see them improving”.

Finley told HAVE YOU about the popularity of the track, that it’s been attracting people from all over the UK as well as the Suffolk area. He said he’s really proud of what local people have created!

“It’s a good facility for local young people..

It’s now a community asset that we have – it’s good that it’s grown to be such a developed space”.

We asked him what he thought should happen next:

“Maybe have a rally there – get some professionals down, see if we can make it bigger”.

As soon as the track re-opens expect more coverage of track & Forum activities from HAVE YOU including action highlights over on our HAVEYOUtube channel!


Puddlebrook Pump Track & Haverhill South People’s Forum

(Youth) Update – April 2020

Hi, hoping everyone is fit and healthy during these strange times. Just a quick update from Haverhill South…

As I’m sure you’re aware, Puddlebrook Pump Track is currently closed following government guidelines : (

You can keep connected via our Facebook page: Puddlebrook Pump Track Haverhill. It would be great if you can give us a follow!

We have plans for more BMX Coaching at the track as things get up and running again. In addition, as soon as we are able the Forum are excited to announce we are looking to facilitate Scooter Coaching sessions too!

Outside of the Pump Track, before the lockdown, we were running Thursday early evening Youth Drop Ins at the Leiston Centre…..

Residents were taking part in exciting music and arts and crafts projects. We are looking to move these activities online as much as possible until the Leiston re-opens. Check out our Haverhill South People’s Forum Facebook page for updates and information on our current online Craft Competition!

Moving forward we are looking to set up a more formal Haverhill South Youth Forum – a platform for the youth of Haverhill South to be heard and steer projects in the area!

Lots to look forward to!

Please keep in touch to help us to keep our positive momentum. This lockdown won’t last forever!

Look after yourselves and your families, all the best.

Jay Mills, Community Development Worker – Haverhill South