Featuring Tyler Brinkworth, photographer

Tyler has been sharing his work with HAVE YOU talent since the very early days of the HAVE YOU web project and has had his work featured in HAVE YOU social media posts and in printed promotional materials. 

You can check out Tyler’s HAVE YOU Gallery post here to see a selection of his work.

Tyler Brinkworth started his photography journey at school in Year 9. He told HAVE YOU that even though he opted to do I.T. he was ‘luckily’ put into a photography class. After just a few weeks he realised he loved it!

HAVE YOU asked Tyler why he finds photography so captivating..

“It’s fun – you press a button and you capture moments that won’t ever exist again!”

“Whenever I look up into the sky I love seeing all the different formations, or in a portrait there’s all the different shadows and highlights – I just love capturing them.”

Tyler goes out at night and early in the mornings to take photos. He also gets on buses to Cambridge or Ipswich just to get different pictures. He says that photography has given him a new way of looking at the world.

“I always have my camera on me. If I know I need to get photos I attach it to my bag. I have a special clip on my shoulder strap so I don’t have to spend time looking for my camera.”

Tyler is working on developing his own unique style. He has a good eye for colour and light and you can see, if you look from the bottom to the top of his instagram page, how much he’s improved.

“I like to make the sky really blue and try to bring out the depth in the background detail.”

“I want to learn more about portraits. I’ve done a lot of landscapes. There are so many different areas to explore…”

Tyler has also been experimenting with aerial photos. In year 11 he saw a drone for the first time and decided he wanted one. He got a job and, with his Grandad’s help, he bought a Mavic Mini.

“It’s amazing being able to take a photo up to 70m high. It’s lovely! It has sensors and GPS. I  can control up and down, turn it, control the shutter speed and ISO until I get the picture I want.”

Legend has it that Samuel Ward’s Year 12 taster day included Tyler flying his drone around the school!

Besides the drone, Tyler told us that his 18-55mm lens is his favourite piece of kit…

“Without it I wouldn’t be able to get any wide or close up photos. Sometimes I’m sat on the other side of the Skatepark taking pictures – nobody notices.” 

This maybe explains why Tyler is well known locally for capturing some great action shots. You can check out more of his Skatepark pictures here (LINK TO ADD).

Tyler is currently working on building a website with his friend. It will include Tyler’s portfolio and links to all the professional photographic services they will offer including; wedding, product, portrait, landscape and drone photography… oh and skatepark action shots! He told us he already has some bookings for work from friends.

In September Tyler is going to ARU (Anglia Ruskin University) to study photography at degree level. He says he’s looking forward to using new kit, improving his portrait skills and going on trips (Covid permitting).

Tyler also wants to take more car photographs so he can go to car dealerships and show his work.

“I can’t wait for car meets to come back – I can get millions of photos of the kind of cars you don’t usually see everyday.”

And finally..

Tyler had a few words of wisdom for other young people just setting out on their path:

“No matter how hard it gets, follow your dream. Keep on going – you’ll get there eventually!”

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