Open every day from 6am – 10pm

Ehringshausen Way, Haverhill, CB9 0ER

A good place to go if you like going to the gym, swimming and fitness. It’s for anyone who wants to do sporty things!

You can get a Junior Membership for £15

And book your swimming sessions here

It’s also worth checking out the XHEIGHT climbing wall – 17 themed climbing walls and an ‘exhilarating giant staircase’ suitable for all abilities.

If you’re an 11-19 year old have a look at the Stand Tall programme  – it’s a FREE 8 week course designed to support your wellbeing:
  • Understand more about keeping a healthy mind
  • Experience the benefits of being active in a small social group
  • Help improve low feelings, anxiety, stress or lack of motivation
  • Improve concentration, confidence and self-esteem

Get more details here

Call: 01284 757473