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Shay D presents a 3 part video series : RAP - lyric writing, ideas & delivery techniques HAVE YOU Lyrical (Part 1): flow, rhyme, counting bars & delivery (PLUS a storytelling challenge!) Shay D’s story telling raps (explicit language): Can't Stand Still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1Czj... Chicken Shop Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBumE... Some other examples

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Lockdown (3) and Me


Promoting creativity and wellbeing SEND IN YOUR ARTWORK BEFORE 28 FEBRUARY! Prompted by all the brilliant art pieces received from young people in Haverhill in response to The Lockdown & Me (2020) we have relaunched our lockdown art project: Lockdown (3) and Me. The project has been designed to promote

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Lockdown Creative Call Out : May 2020


A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent work in to our HAVE YOU Creative Call Out! We had some brilliant entries & selected digital & hand drawn artwork showing awesome creativity in response to our three lockdown themes: SUPPORT : HAVE YOU got the support you need? THINGS TO

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Puddlebrook Pump Track : past & future


Finley Sisson gives HAVE YOU an insiders view of the track! Finley Sisson, age 12 and involved in the birth of the Puddlebrook Pump Track, spoke to HAVE YOU as part of the Haverhill South Local Conversation event at the Leiston Centre in January of this year. Back in January

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HAVE YOU got the support you need?


In case you're feeling wobbly, see below for a few things that might help... * Remember: some things you have no control over, so no need to worry about these things. Enjoy your day & do what you can do to stay well, connected & active : ) Let us know via CONTACT

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